My Art N Soul | Art of Life Program
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Art of Life Program

Art of Life

The Art Hub Young men Art of Life program has a high probability for success in your area because we provide project-based programs designed to teach principles and methods of entrepreneurship, etiquette and art for young men ages 10-17. Each program focuses on keys points to help each young man build understanding and awareness for day to day business development, social needs and creativity. It will also strengthen confidence within the young men, which will enhance their leader ship skills.


Entrepreneurship for Young Men will help young men identify and create entrepreneurial opportunities in their community. They shall learn key points in marketing, generating ideals and more.


This course will also build skill in leadership, social skills, build self esteem and strengthen the confidence.


When young men complete this course they shall have the skill to write a business plan, understand financial planning, and create sound ideals.

Our primary goals:
  • Help Young Men understand the risk of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Young Men will be able to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and ideals
  • Help understand financials
  • Provide a great opportunity to explore entrepreneur desirers
Visual Arts

Visual Arts for Young Men will introduce them to drawing and the fundamental skill of all visual arts.


Each carouse shows step-by-step drawing method teaches students to break down complex objects into basic foundational shapes.


As they learn how to draw, the experience, repetition and variety of engaging and relevant subject matter brings them to increased levels of mastery in drawing – and in life.

Our primary goals:
  • Give Young Men opportunity to explore their creative side
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Learn developmental skills
  • Strengthen Confidence

Etiquette for Young Men will offer young men an opportunity to learn social skills, personal style and table etiquette that will assist them in becoming confident, self assured young men.


During this course young men will learn about personal style, grooming, importance of a handshake, introductions & table conversation, proper table etiquette, and other simple courtesies.


The course concludes with a five-course dinner where young men will put their learn mannerism into motion.

Our primary goals:
  • Young Men will learn social skills.
  • Build confidence
  • Reassure them self as young men
  • Learn table etiquette