My Art N Soul | Public Arts
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Public Arts

Brightening Communities & Enhancing lives

Art n Soul works to enriches lives as it creates a more cultural urban environment.

Working with a number of artist in various communities, bringing a new look too spaces old and new. We enjoy working with new and creative minds to develop ideas that will help change the Public art market. Our goal is to enhances community life, providing occasions for visual delight; it can stimulate community dialogue by challenging familiar experience.


Art n Soul goals are:
• to promote visual arts in communities.

• representing a broad variety of media, styles and community interests.

• providing opportunities for artists to work with diverse groups.

• enhancing the urban environment and public spaces throughout the communities which we work in.

• pursuing opportunities to inform the public regarding public art including public participation in all phases of the public art process.

• documenting, maintaining and converging works of art that are created.

Robert Moreschi