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Art N Soul

Art N Soul consulting provides expertise and experience in the arena of the arts. We work with various municipalities and organizations providing consulting, art management and support for clients.

We work with a number of community partners to help develop art related concepts to change inner city communities through the arts. We play an essential role in development of creative guidelines, relying on our professionalism to make any project stand out.


Art N Soul is your premier event consultant. From preliminary schedules to cleanup we will work with you to ensure your event is everything that you need it to be!

“Art N Soul helps bring every element together. Could not ask for more from an event consultant”

– Jake S.


Art N Soul is proud to partner with communities and artists to make events and installations a success!


Art N Soul works hard to ensure that communities can benefit from public art installations and projects.

Mural Art Work


Learn more about how Art N Soul got its start and how we grew to where we are.

Contact Us

Use the form here to share your information and we will contact you directly to begin planning your next event.